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PowerGUARD™  for Power Savings, Protection, and Quality

The  PowerGUARD™ System from POM Energy Concepts is a passive electrical device that installs in parallel with the electric circuit of a facility to reduce KW demand. Very simply, PowerGUARD™ recovers power already purchased that would otherwise be wasted as heat or sent to ground. It uses magnetic choke technology and cross-coupling between phases to accomplish this. Unlike harmonic filters, transient voltage surge suppressors (TVSS), capacitors or other power conditioning approaches that shunt energy to ground and/or dissipate harmonics as heat, and only kick in under certain conditions or thresholds, PowerGUARD™ operates continuously to protect and put "clean" energy back into the electrical distribution system. By avoiding the waste and using close to 100% of the energy you purchased from the utility company, KW demand and hence, kWh usage are reduced.

In addition to reducing KW demand, the PowerGUARD™ also provides lightening protection. It is rated as a Type 2 surge protection device, has been tested to 20,000 amps and is certified to meet UL 1449 3rd edition. This clearly distinguishes the product from a capacitor, the product to which it is most ofter compared and assumed to be until a closer look is taken. 

The PowerGUARD™ is modular.  The number of units needed by a facility depends on the electrical load of the facility.

The PowerGUARD™  has no moving parts, no solid state controls or relays, creates no heat, requires no maintenance and the expected life is 20+ years.  It comes with a five year warranty and a guaranteed minimum ROI. At $.10 per kWh, POM will guarantee a three (3) year payback. 

For those in locations that pay a kVA penalty, the PowerGUARD™ can provide additional savings because it improves power factor (another reason it is routinely and mistakenly thought to be a capacitor). 

There are both commercial and residential units available. 

Contact me today to discuss having us prepare a proposal for your facility or visit www.pomenergyconcepts.com for more information.

Solar Installations

A solar system -- PV or hot water, installed on your roof can lower your energy bills and reduce your carbon footprint. Current incentives include a 30%  federal investment tax credit and a solar rebate from FPL (funds available semi-annually and limited). Other investor owned utilities and/or your local community may offer incentives also. 

Florida needs a policy similar to the one that made Germany the #1 solar energy producing country in the world! The Florida Alliance for Renewable Energy is trying to make that happen. Visit their web site to learn more, become a member and lend your support to the launching of a strong renewable energy economy in Florida!

solar panels in german town - install solar panels on your roof!
Blue Is Green

The sun, by its very nature, is distributed. Clear cutting hundreds of acres of trees to install land based solar farms is not a sensible place to start. We need solar on the roof of every house, school, church, and shopping center/big box store. In years to come, let's hope the aerial view of our  Florida communities looks like the photo to the left where almost 100% of the buildings have solar. 

Contact me today to help you understand the joys of being an energy producer, navigate the options available to you, and give you the confidence that you are getting the right solar design for your home or building, one that ensures maximum production for every dollar you spend.


Responsible Management of Wasterecycling bins

The U.S. represents 5% of the world’s population yet produces 30% of the world’s waste. Are you one of those throwing away more than you should?responsible management of waste south florida waste reduction zero waste

Know your waste stream: learn how to maximize diversion of waste through recycling or reuse and to minimize what's hauled away as garbage. Sound waste management is not only good for the environment; it can be good for your bottom line.

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