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environmental consulting in South Florida to help individuals and businesses live a sustainable and green life

Green Scene Consulting is not a group of ivory tower professionals. It’s the grassroots startup venture of one person. My interest in sustainable practices and my own personal efforts to not only talk the talk but walk the walk about energy conservation, efficiency, and generation, have resulted in my working with several different companies in the advocacy of their sustainable products and services. To give structure to these pursuits, Green Scene Consulting was born.

My background is almost 30 years in the computer business -- writing, maintaining or testing a variety of software applications from order management to voice activated systems. By 2007, I’d had enough of that (an attitude encouraged by my job at that time being moved to China). This unexpected event presented me with an opportunity to shift gears into something that dealt less with machines and more with people. A long-standing avocation for reduce, reuse, recycle, led me to a year plus stint with a waste and recycling company where I designed and championed a pilot program to expand recycling in Miami-Dade Schools.

I have a 5.7 KW photovoltaic solar system on my home which is enough to make me a net producerof energy. That is, on average, I produce more energy on any given day than I can use. The excessgoes on the power grid as a credit to me and gets used by a neighbor. At night, the energy I takefrom the grid is deducted from my credit. Like all Floridian solar producers, I pay a base rate eachmonth to the utility company, FP&L in my case, to contribute to the maintenance of the power grid. Here's a photo of my system:solar panel array in south florida

I try to bike and walk to the grocery store and other errands, and, when I can’t, I drive a hybrid. I strive to live a healthy-planet lifestyle, but yes I still eat meat occasionally and not the free-range stuff either (no one is perfect). When out and about, I'm compulsive about picking up items off the street to add to my curbside recycling and taking time to educate people about waste diversion (often ones who have noticed my behavior). Did you know: Recycling one aluminum can vs. manufacturing it from raw material saves enough energy to power a TV/PC monitor for 3 hours!

I spend some of my time volunteering with a local, City-sponsored group called "Green Your Routine”. We work in the community to promote green practices and volunteer at public events to monitor the waste and keep the recyclables out of the trash. We also help staff tree giveaways and Household Hazardous Waste (HHW) events held by the City. 

I welcome the chance to work with businesses, organizations, or condo communities towards making the all-important transition from wasteful to sustainable practices. Let’s get started!


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