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environmental consulting in South Florida to help individuals and businesses live a sustainable and green life

What is Sustainability?

A Native American proverb says it best:
We do not inherit the earth from our ancestors, we borrow it from our children. green scene consulting in south florida, broward county, fort lauderdale, south florida, sustainability consulting, environmental consulting, organic gardening, raised bed gardening, reduce your carbon footprint, waste reduction consulting, save money save electricity

Less poetically, Sustainability means meeting the needs of today’s population without compromising resources and the quality of life for future generations. It conveys a social contract between all people to ensure that the earth's natural resources are not used up faster than they can be replenished or alternatives discovered. Sustainable practices lead us to a smaller carbon footprint.

Our Mission

Green Scene Consulting wants to make sure you are positioned at the forefront of sustainability in your work or home environments. We take a common sense approach to determining where sustainable practices can be introduced into your everyday routine, balancing your budget with benefits. We start with conservation, then, as applicable, focus on upgrades in lighting to improve energy efficiency, solar energy generation, and/or management of waste.

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